Scenario: The World of Tomorrow(BTF3): World War III

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Note from the Author: This article has been made to express one possible scenario and is not meant to be taken seriously. The ideas here are the author's speculation only. This page is also one of many to go through a reformatting.

World War III





Throughout areas of the world.


Allies win
Soviet Empire is disbanded.
Baltonavia gains St. Petersburg
Republic of Taiwan gains mainland China
Brazil has a civil war.

Major battles:

Battle for Kiev
Battle for Moscow
Battle for Shanghai


The Allies

The Novo-Axis





World War 3 is a war between the allies (U.S.A., Kingdom of Baltosnavia, U.K., Hong Kong and Macau Commonwealth, Japan, Republic of Taiwan, and the Republic of Korea) against the Novo-Axis (Soviet Empire, China, and Brazil).

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