The following is an Outline for the Scenario: Battle of the Belt. This gives a trimmed view of the Battle of the Belt and acts as a chronology that provides the name of the battles, when they took place, who won, who lost, new technologies introduced in the battle, outcome, and consequence. For more analysis, please see Battle of the Belt.


Looking back upon the Earth

The Battle of the Belt involved five major factions.

  1. MinCol, or Ministry of Colonization, lead by the Minster of Colonization
  2. Nobody, the faction led by Andarin
  3. Sons of Space, the faction led by a triumvirate of Janus, Inguz, and Sylph
  4. Daughters of Peace, the faction led by Sylph and later Jane
  5. Hegemony Fleet, sent by the Hegemon back on Earth and led by the Admiral of the Hegemony Fleet

It also involves two minor factions, both of which last for only one episode.

  1. Nobody rebels, which appear in "Broken Promise"
  2. Warmonger rebels, which appear in "Full Circle"

Timeline: The Battle of the Belt Phases 1 and 2 lasted a total of 10 months. The Battle of the Belt Phase 3 lasted a total of 1 and 3/4 month.