The Beginning (January 1 - February 1) 

The year is 2016, and everywhere is Asia, economic growth is evident, literacy rates and HDI are improving in Asia and many  African countries. Nigeria has successfully been able to drive out Boko Haram rebels and is seeing double digit GDP growth. India and most Southeast Asian countries have funded education and the service sector has grown 25% last year in Thailand and 30% in India. This economic growth the case in India, Egypt, Thailand, and even Indonesia. The increase in economic growth has come at a price, however. The economic growth has led most US and European companies to move to Asian countries and find cheaper and more skilled labor, this is largely caused by the funding of education in many Southeast Asian countries. As India, Southeast Asia countries, and West African countries experience double digit growth, China's growth stagnates at 5% a year, and Japan stagnates at 2%, Russia, European countries, and the United States are hit by a sudden slowdown of growth. Fastest growing cities of Asia of 2016 ranking (below).

Entering Recession (February 1 - March 1)

For the first time, Nigeria and several African nations lead a movement to boycott UN economic aid, this effort is supported by several Asian nations including India, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. This leads to bitterness between the first world and second world countries. The boycott has negative effects on the food industry of Europe and America. The price of grains falls 20% later that week, and oil falls to $35/barrel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia's stocks sharply decline that week. On Valentine's day, DOW JONES falls 7%. Investors are worried about the economy because the Eurozone and Australia is expected to follow. Their worries were real because the next day, the Eurozone stocks fell 9% with Australian and Japanese stocks.  


Indian and Southeast Asian stocks finally fell and recession was now worldwide.

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