Throughout much of history, the people, weather enfranchised or not, have held the most power in a nation, and despite the many falls and failures of governments and their leaders over the many millennia since civilization, the people have kept a strong hold onto the direction of their nation. When this stronghold waned however, the results could've been disastrous; from Stalin to Hitler to Mao and the hundreds of other dictators that came to power through messages of hope and prosperity, always holding onto power through to most ruthless methods. Today, the legacy of these men are tainted with forethought and progressivism, and it seems that the dictatorship of extremism is beginning to fall apart.

However, could a "dictatorship" rise up in the future? It's always a possibility; Russia fell in 1917 to the vanguard party, Germany in 1933 to the National Socialists, but could a modern democracy fall sometime in the future, a modern democracy such as Australia. It may be a far stretch, but we seen this story told many times in the past; the economic collapse, the rise of a influential politician, the eventual fall of a nation under the shadow of dictatorship.

In this scenario, you will witness the evolution of a modern, democratic Australia into something far more sinister; not far from dictatorship, but far from the system it once was.

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