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Syrian Civil War

  • Formation of Muslim Alliance.
  • Muslim Alliance declaring war on Israel.

World War 3

The 10th Crusade

Wednesday, 4 September 2020 - Tuesday 5 May 2021


Middle East, West Asia, Northern Africa, Southern Europe


Intervention of Eastern Powers, resulting in World War 3.

Major battles:

Battle Of Jerusalem, Battle Of Baghdad, Battle Of Damascus, Battle Of Athens, Mediterranean Conflict, Oil Wars, North African Invasion, Turkey Missile Crisis


Western Powers

  • Flag of the United States.svgUnited States of America
  • Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom
  • Flag of France.svgFrance
  • Flag of ItalyItaly
  • Flag of SpainSpain
  • Flag of Portugal.svgPortugal
  • IrelandIreland
  • Great GermanyGermany
  • 2000px-Flag of Austria.svgAustria
  • Flag of BelgiumBelgium
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael
  • AustraliaAustralia

Muslim Alliance

  • Flag of SyriaOccupied Syria
  • Flag of Palestine.svgPalestine
  • Flag of TurkeyNeo Ottoman Empire
  • 2000px-Flag of Saudi Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia
  • Kingdom of EgyptEgypt
  • Iraq FlagIraq
  • LibyaLibya


  • Flag of the United States.svgDonald Trump
  • Flag of the United KingdomTheresa May
  • Flag of France.svgJean Lassalle
  • Great GermanyJoachim Gauck
  • Flag of ItalySergio Mattarella
  • Flag of IsraelReuven Rivlin
  • AustraliaBill Shorten
  • Flag of SyriaBashar al-assad
  • Flag of Palestine.svgMahmoud Abbas
  • Flag of TurkeyRecep Tayyip Erdoğan
  • 2000px-Flag of Saudi Arabia.svgSalman


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The New Crusade (10th Crusade)

The 10th Crusade, also known as The Ultimate Crusade, The True Final Crusade or The New Crusade was a war that began when the ISIS occupied Syria declared war on Israel, intending to "cleanse the Judaists from the Holy Land, taking it back." Soon after, many of the Muslim nations agreed on taking back the 'Holy Land' and decided to side with Syria against Israel, prompting NATO, parts of the EU and Christian Lebanon to side with Israel against the incoming Muslims and "to pacify them." The Western Powers, as they came to be known as had their own reasons to join the fight against the Islam nations, due to the rise of Muslim terrorism causing Fascism to spread across the Western World. The Muslim Alliance thus was formed and fought against the Western Powers with a severity that eventually caught the attention of the newly formed Shanghai Pact with the Eurasian Union who later intervened, starting World War 3. The Muslim Alliance was also reacting to the conversion of Lebanon to Christian as well.



Traces of the fore-running for the conflict can be traced back to the start of the Syrian Civil War where major conflicts between Christian and Muslim forces escalated to scales never seen since the Gulf War of 1991. This could only happen with the introduction of Donald Trump as president, after he won the 2016 election by a landslide by exploiting the unchecked terrorist attacks that appeared in the USA and Europe and with tactics akin to Hitler, to show his strength, the Capitol Building was burnt down "by accident". Eventually, ISIS was stomped out by the combined forces of Syria and Russia. Soon after, conspiracies started floating around that ISIS had been funded by Westerner Countries wanting to remove Bashar al-Assad from his presidency, this in turn started damaging relations between Syria and the countries of the West, specially Israel, who had been the prime target in the discussions and accusations. Despite Israel's deflections of the accusations, it seemed that whether or not Israel supported and funded ISIS they were still aggressive towards Muslims, they had already altered Lebanon into a Christian state aggressively and committing war crimes against Muslims in secret, covered up by the Obama administration and several Western European Countries. In the midst of the late 2010s Syria gave aid to the countries of North Africa, possible with the aid received from the Eurasian Union.

Gathering of the Western Powers

Due to the growing number of terrorist events, the governments and conservatives of Western Europe had started to regret opening the gates for the flood of migrants from the war-torn Middle East to enter as they had caused mostly trouble. Eventually, the ideals of anti-Islam and Fascism started to spread across the Western European continent as the ideals of the Regressive Left slowly started to die off due to the rising amounts of tension from the increased violence from the migrants. This led to roundups of any Islamic people that could be found, whether or not they were radical or migrants from the Middle East and, depending on how Westernized they were, were either let off, were Westernized or were sent into labor camps. These ideals originated in the Trump-presidency who had already limited the number of immigrants/migrants who could enter the USA.

Pre War Events

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Course of the War

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World War 3

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