The economy of the future will have its ups and down.


We might see an increase of tax cuts in the lower classes to actually boost the economy, while the rich will be taxed so the inflation level won't be out of hand. The Dow Jones, as of April 2010, has reached above 11,000 so that means the we are out of the recession. Throughout most of the early part of the 2010s, the economy will remain steady around the 11,000 range, with the high taxation of Barack Obama to slow down inflation levels. The economy might have a slight drop in 2012 because of fear of impending end times, but the world will not end and a Republican President Tim Pawlenty will be elected President of the United States.

Tim Pawlenty will try to undo most of the Obama administrations social programs such as education reform and will include a $2 trillion tax cut to raise the economy. Sarah Palin, being elected will allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and in our own country, causing more pollution in the world, heightening the effects of climate change and the like. A massive boom will take place in the 2020s and the early 2030s. In 2035, after the massive economic boom with a Dow rating above 20,000, the world will go into a deep depression in the year 2039 and many countries such as China and Iraq will try to take over America. The economy will more likely be hacked into, causes stock levels to drop into third world country levels.

The 2040s will see a low economy, the lowest in history will global superpowers such as China and Russia try to take over. Many crusaders would like to take over Israel but the Jews will be trying to fought back. The criminalization of television in 2040 will see a drop in the economy, as marketing decreases because many people are used to television advertisement. Internet and radio ads and billboards will be common, but they won't have as a strong effect as television. The movie industry will make a comeback while movies become the cheapst form of entertainment, after the internet, which will be runned by the government and be used as a free service payed by taxes.

The 2050s will see major global conflict, especially with our war against Chinese imperalism. China and Australia has become the world power while the United States had been weakened.

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