The Introduction

 What were to happen if somehow, The entire world as we know it falls apart. If for no reason some terrible disease on a meteorite the size of Hawaii hits China going at mach speeds came towards us. What would happen? This is what would happen.

 The Fall


he Apocalypse Doesn't Happen. Business as usual goes on.


A Meteorite is discovered and it has a high chance of hitting the earth. Scientists say that it is small but will cause destruction in the area


Meteorite Oort-128-C impacts with the Sea of Japan . The Entire area for 5000 miles around is decimated by earthquakes and tsunamis


A Red Cross worker catches a flu in China after aiding relief victims


The disease spreads to every country in the world. Over 6.7 Billion Are infected. It is named Oort Fever

2023-Last Victim dies, Rest of the Planet is immune of Oort Fever

2025-The Vaccine for the Oort Fever is discovered and most people are vaccinated another 0.1 Billion are left


CO2 emitted by Humans goes back to Pre-Industrial Levels


Yellow Fever Epidemic hits Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East.


There are officially no more people left in Africa, Mecca has 500,000 people left praying and living off the land


Population stops free-falling at two Million People


The U.S Constitution is found by survivors and taken to N.Y.C and the The Republic of Nations is made by 12,000 Survivors in N.Y.C


The Population of The Republic is now 25,000 and stabilizing. The city is only partially restored and Solar Panels have been salvaged from as far as Mississippi to replace the Power Grid


Mecca's population's stops free falling at 10,000, Vatican has 6,000 (Including the Existing Pope and Cardinals), 


United Arabian 

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