Starting in late 2011 the need for fossil fuels became apparent. The major nations of the world began attemting to get all the fuel it could get, whether by warfare, alliances, or even colonization of the solar system. All of this all happens because of the fuel wars.


In late 2011 prices for oil and other fuels sky rocket. As the countries of the world know the need of fossil fuels they attempt to get as much fuel they can get. The US, which withdrew from Iraq in early 2011, invades again in an attempt to gain its fuel. US military units are instructed to prevent the burning of any oil fields or wasting of oil. The countries of the Middle East with oil are given the choice of surrendering to the United States or invasion. As the countries in the Middle East do not want to surrender the Great Middle Eastern Oil War begins.


The Oil War continues. After the United States lands soldiers in Iran its launches its 3 nuclear missiles at Israel. In response Israel launches its nuclear weapons at Iran. Casualties are great for both sides with 240,000 initial casualties for Israel 350,000 casualties for Iran. The US pulls out of Iran because of radioactiveness. The US also leaves Israel for the same reason. The United Nations condemns the use of nuclear missiles. The UN launches missions to both countries to aid in the rebuilding. However, the Oil War continues. The US launches more attacks in Syria and Egypt, who are holding out strong against US attacks. The US economy continues to be in the recession it has been in since 2008 and shows no sign of stopping as the endless wars keep it in bad shape.

Meanwhile in Russia the country begins building oil drills in northern Siberia as it is known for its countless minerals and oil. As the new resources pour into the Russian economy it begins to pull out of the economic recession.


Japan, which relies on other countries to give it fossil fuels, realizes with less fuel coming to it would run out of fuel soon. Japan however also has one of the best economies in the world and uses that to pay for space missions. Japan would mine important minerals from the moon and also get solar power as parts of the moon would be have 2 weeks of continuous sunlight. JAXA began building the Jimmu which would bring solar panels to the moon. Japan also began building the Jimmu II which would bring humans to space. The completion of these two space shuttles are estimated to be completed by 2015.

In Russia, the country is becoming an economic powerhouse as it has its economy boosted from Siberia. The USA launches an invasion of Somali to get its pretroleum. It also begins building more oil drills as oil is discovered near the Canadian border.

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