The Cure

The Swine Flu of today is a very terrible epidemic that spreads widely and rapidly. In the future, Swine Flu will become less common. By the year 2013, Swine flu is planned to be almost history. The Swine Flu cure is planned to be found by the end of 2011 and by 2012, the Swine Flu would calm down. However, 2012, there was still 1.4% left of people with swine flu which contained a couple of New Jersey teens and 7 senior citizens in Seattle Murphy Nursing Home.

Chase the Predator

In 2020, they try to chase the predator of the Swine Flu, but sadly the Swine flu spreads again. They chase birds, and see that many pigs have died of swine flu to so they found out that it's the birds who spread it. This is where the Open Era begins. The killing of a lot of animals and some are even endangered, too. Some foxes are endangered. The Open Era was full of Swine Flu. The cure for the first years of the swine flu failed. The doctors decided to research again. By the year 2027, seven years from the second unleash of the Swine flu. This Open Era lasted seven years and over 7,000 species of bird have been killed or murdered. 

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