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  • February 7th: Astronomer Steve Anderson found one possible moon orbiting Saturn having an aldebo lower than 0.07 with an semi major axis of 1 410 167 km and might collide with Cassini spacecraft in this November.
  • February 8th: The satellite is confirmed and named 2015S S2. Calculations says that it wont collide with Cassini. Instead it will just pass the spacecraft with the minimum distance of 89m.
  • Feb 14: Nigerian Election.
  • February 21st: Another research led by ESO indicates that Cassini will might pass way to close from Saturn because a little Gravitational pull might just effect the whole spacecraft's orbit. It is set to reach a perihelion just 7,650 above the clouds of Saturn and launched outside the planet's gravitational influence(Hill sphere). There is a slight chance for those things to happen:
    1. Didn't get launched, but instead captured by the Titan(neighboring satellite) or Mimas(same here) 3%
    2. Crash and create a crater on the moon 2%
    3. Flyby of Neptune and Triton 1.87%
    4. Flyby of Eris 1.15%
    5. Revisit any of the inner solar system planets 0.87%
    6. Crash into Saturn 0.14%
  • February 23th: New Horizons spacecraft begin observate on Pluto.
  • March 6: Dawn orbiter begin to orbit Ceres. A minor satellite and a ring arc is discovered.
  • April: North Korea's secret plan, Kilong, secretly begin.
  • June 1st: Pakistan put a men in space.
  • June 4th: According to the new UN resolution, Palestine is given a full UN membership. The Isreali president, Reuven Livin, give another speech about how the Palestinians is not a country nor anything, blah blah, Palestine is Isreali territory, blah blah blah. Arabs celebrates.
  • June 23rd: New Horizons begin to direct observate Pluto as it begins to get really close.
  • June 27th: Cassini spacecraft is somewhat malfunctioning, says NASA. The camera and Infared is not working and the resolution Is dropping by 2% per day.
  • July 11th: a ring around Pluto is discovered.
  • July 14th: New Horizons is at the closest approach to Pluto-Charon. For more details, click here.
  • July 18th: )China and Russiabegins to start the Luna Mission, which will put men-on-the-moon.

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