I know what you're thinking, "What's with the background?" Well, they did it.

Future: South Mountain Freeway

The South Mountain Freeway is considered as the southern bypass of Downtown Phoenix which would so by cutting through South Mountain Park and abutting the southern edge of Ahwatukee neighborhood of Phoenix. It would begin at the complete traffic interchange with the San Tan Freeway and Interstate 10 continuation onto Pecos Road through Ahwatukee, also through the Gila Bend River Indian Reservation, just south of Queen Creek Road. Heading northwest, the South Mountain Freeway follows the 55th Avenue alignment to return to its junction with Interstate 10 in Phoenix.

ADOT released the idea in the Arizona Republic in 1995 on March 9, 2009, that the fate of the South Mountain Freeway is at stake by until at least 2011 in need of Maricopa county's need of $5.3 million to create the freeway.

Until then (which it has been "then") the final segment of Loop 202 is a Design Concept Reception for Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, Ahwatukee, and South Mountain for the final completion of construction in 2015. Community Opinion does exist, mainly for the residence of Ahwatukee. While the Maricopa Government of Association cannot produce enough money, Ahwatukee is adding a limited access parkway for the business employees of South Mountain Nature Care Services.

Here is the plan of the freeway route:

Exit List

Phoenix 1 40th St
Phoenix 2 32nd St
Phoenix 3 24th St
Phoenix 4 Desert Foothills Pkwy
Phoenix 6 17th Ave
Phoenix 7A  Chandler Blvd
Phoenix 7B 29th Ave, Shaugnessey Rd
Ahwatukee 10 51st Ave
Ahwatukee 11 Estrella Dr
Ahwatukee 12 51st Ave
South Mountain 13 Carver Rd, 35th Ave
South Mountain 15 Central Ave
South Mountain 16A Phoenix South Mountain Park
South Mountain 16B

Stephen Mather Dr

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