Socialist State was an organization formed to destroy capitalism and begin a Socialist World Republic. Upon its creation, many socialist insurgent groups swore oaths of loyalty to Socialist State. Socialist State would turn out to be the precursor the the Socialist World Republic, and its legacy would last for hundreds of years. It was formed in 2037, when most of the world was capitalist. Even traditionally socialist countries such a Cuba and Venezuela had become capitalist. The shift created a massive wage inequality, and not only that, but many members of the former Socialist governments lost their jobs. Its first branch was in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which was a controversial branch. US media described them as "barbaric". The reason of that is because although Socialist State built infrastructure and taught schools, it took cruel revenge on the "pigs", and indoctrinated children. Joseph Mabale, leader of Socialist State, declared on worldwide television, that "As you have conquered us, we will conquer you." "As you have oppressed us, we will oppress you". "As you have enslaved us, we will enslave you". "We will not rest until the entire world watches the red flag of earth and socialism wave." Meanwhile, in South America, socialist state found waves of new recruits as well. Soon after their emergence in Congo, cells began to appear all over the third world. This caused the European Union and the United States to panic, so they sent troops to Brazzaville to recapture all lost territories. This was counter productive to the Capitalist forces, as it angered many troops in the Congolese Government to turn their guns on the Americans, because they saw it as an invasion. In Libya, a charismatic leader, Khalid Ibn Assad, a veteran who fought on the side of Gaddafi, urged arab citizens to revolt against their capitalist/islamist governments. Assad captured Tripoli with a force of 50 tanks backed by Infantry, so the US president made a decision. He, pointing out the dire situation this 3rd world uprising had put the US economy, stated "As much as I hate to say this, Tripoli must be destroyed". Hence began the carpet bombing of Tripoli. That decision turned out to biggest mistake the capitalists made... 

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