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Social networking is a big thing of the future. Many networks like Twitter and Facebook will be around because they are popular. Facebook will continue to be the most popular social networking site on the internet, while it starts to become the central location for all information on the internet will be shared and discovered, making it a collaborative site like Digg and Stumbleupon. Anyone could sign up to a site by their Facebook account, using it similar to an online passport and any item on the internet can be shared. These sites will go out of business because of Facebook and Facebook will become the new connection. will try to regain its popularity in the 2010s, and there will be a slight comeback of MySpace around 2011-2012 while Facebook privacy issues get out of hand and another annoying game similar to Farmville dominates the site, causing a drop in popularity. MySpace after decling popularity and the retirement of Tom Anderson willeventually become more of a online business marketing site around the year 2016 along with a virtual Pawn shop. MySpace video will become a seperate site along with MySpace Music, both changing their names (Vidspace, and Muzik!).

Twitter will become more advanced and the ability to share photos and other media will be part of Tweets. Twitter will become the main place to find the news, with people Tweeting up to minute on world events. Nanoblogging will begin to enter the mainstream, and a site similar to Twitter will allow people to make entries that are limited to 50 characters. Comments on Twitter posts and likes just like Facebook, along with the Facebook dislike button.

Social networking sites such as Facebook will have a downfall with the Ethics Reform Act of 2014, which will be mandated by law to raise the minumum age of sites to 13 to 16. MySpace profile will not be allowed to have alcohol advertisements or pictures with alcohol or nicotine, and no swimwear or other sexually stimulating clothing will not be allowed on the site. Access to MySpace will require a valid by the state drivers license or permit number. Any fake drivers license will result in temporary cut off of internet access and $300 fine. Facebook profiles will have the same rules as MySpace, and no alcohol can be seen on Facebook by people under 35. Sexually stimulating attire will be banned on Facebook and illegal gambling with applications will be banned. This will try to lower sexual predators and hackers/spammers. The rising age of these social sites will result in decreased memberships and they may blame it on the Ethics Reform Bill. More people will be deleting or banned from accounts, while all 14 and 15 year old accounts will be deleted without valid drivers license or permit.

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