Siphiwe Ngeyo was born into a dirt-poor family of Zulu day-labourers in the dying days of Apartheid, though the promises

Siphiwe Ngeyo

KwaDakuza (Formerly Stanger)

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Commendations and Awards.

Hero of The African Confederation 1st Class.

Defender's Star with Thorns and Crossed Assegai.

Indian Ocean Medal

Black Beach Shield

Meritorious Conduct Star

Distinguished Service Commendation.

of those days filled his head with dreams of becoming a doctor or a scientist, the reality saw him joining the South African Navy as a Rating at age sixteen (Ngeyo lied about his age). Ngeyo showed such a natural aptitude for naval life, and the tasks of leadership, he was made an officer. His love for his country, and for the Service, saw him rise through the ranks very quickly, until he became the Admiral of the South African, and also the African Confederation, Navy in January 2029. When the African Confederation was attacked by the African Union, beginning the conflict that became known as The African Unification War, Ngeyo was made the Commander in Chief of all Confederation Forces.

Ngeyo, despite the fierce criticism he received from Army Commanders, who saw him as being too conservative and careful, proved to be the perfect man for the job, his inspired leadership, tactical genius and compassion saw him earn the loyalty and devotion of his men, and the respect of his enemies.

After the War, Ngeyo became the first President of the CSA (Confederated States of Africa) and rebuilt his shattered nation, and then some, until it became one of the world's premier superpowers.


Much like his part-time bitter rival, and later, loyal friend, General Wikus Grobbelaar, Ngeyo often insisted he fight alongside his men, leading to him being injured numerous times.

A legendary account of Ngeyo's sangfroid comes from the tale of his greatest victory, the Battle of Zanzibar, where the Confederation Fleet ambushed a massive Union invasion force off the coast of Tanzania, after the Battle was won, and virtually all of the Union ships were sunk, Ngeyo was inspecting all the ships in his fleet that had survived the Battle, about halfway through his inspection, an Officer aboard the CS Kilimanjaro pointed out the fact the Admiral was bleeding heavily from a wound in his stomach, Ngeyo simply stopped, looked down and said "good job it wasn't any higher" before collapsing, a medical team later reported that Ngeyo had been torn open by a piece of shrapnel during the battle, and had ordered a Medical Orderly aboard his flagship, theCS Shaka, to quickly stitch him up so he could return to the fighting.

Other examples of Ngeyo's incredible ability as a commander was the victorious, but bloody assault on The Battle of Black Beach, the retreat from Boma (likened to Africa's Dunkirk).

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