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Rogen's War (12 October 2014 - 15 October 2014) was the deadliest conflict in human history. The war was a nuclear war, involving the exchange of thermonuclear weapons, causing the deaths of billions of people. Over 30 percent of the global population died as a result of the war, causing widespread destruction to agriculture and industry. The war caused the collapse of the United States and China as world powers, as well as the rise of India and Indonesia in the wake of the new order. The war has been called Rogen's War as it was the result of a Seth Rogen movie.


Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea had been the most isolated and militaristic communist nation on Earth. With weak connections to China, the country had virtually no other major allies following the fall of the USSR. After the death of the Great Leader Kim il Sung, the nation's tyranny fell in the hands of Kim Jong Il, and subsequently to his son, Kim Jong Un.

In 2014, a film entitled The Interview was produced in the United States, a sworn enemy of North Korea. The film featured well-known actor Seth Rogen. The premise of the film involved the assassination of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un. In response to the movie, the North Korean government threatened war on the United States if the American government did not ban the film's production (in June of 2014). By October, however, the film was distributed.

October 10, 2014

The film is shown in theaters across the United States, receiving a 65 percent rating on critic aggregate Rotten Tomatoes. The North Korean government issues an official warning, claiming that it will "destroy the American empire and its allies in Seoul" if the US government did not immediately prohibit the distribution of the movie. The warning is ignored by the US government, and covered humorously by the Western media.

12:39 AM, EST, October 12, 2014

At 12:39 PM, EST, a large nuclear explosion (12 KT TNT) occurs in Seoul, killing 120,000 civilians, including US president Barack Obama, on a diplomatic mission. Vice President Joe Biden is instated as the new leader of the US, and is given emergency wartime powers soon after.

1:30 PM, EST, October 12, 2014

At this time, South Korean sources test the nuclear residue from the bomb, and determine the source as North Korean. The US military is at high alert by this time, and at 1:32, NATO launches an emergency session.

1:35 PM, EST, October 12, 2014

Kim Jong Un, in a televised message, declares that North Korean paramilitary individuals planted the bomb in a truck in Seoul, and that his government was responsible for the attack. He claims the cause was the Interview movie. Western sources speculate that the leader is actually insane.

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