As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable.
- Albert Einstein
Regrettable Diplomacy Failure is a scenario that shows a (im)possible outcome of the deadliest armed conflicts between the most powerful superpowers in human's history.


In this scenario, whole Western world has gone more sensitive and represented a larger anti-Russian policy in the USA and whole NATO. EU accepts TTIP and creates an EUMS, the faction that controls all EU members' armies. In 2015, United States sees the Ukrainian russophobic policy as an opportunity to take control of the whole East European region and eliminate their greatest rival - Russia. In August, they start the invasion and World War Three begins.


  1. This scenario is practically impossible and unrealistic
  2. The scenario doesn't include nuclear warfare, because it would end in a week then.
  3. Most of the dates are random
  4. The scenario is not supposed to make people angry or arouse controversy

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