Reality shows are considered to be the death knell of television in an era where the TV shows you watch is more important than the nutritious food that you eat or the 30-60 minutes of daily exercise that you're supposed to be doing.


Reality shows have lots of swearing, some violence, in addition to sexual dialog and/or content. When the reality show fad goes away someday, the television industry will temporarily collapse into itself. People need to watch more sports and scripted shows; not reality shows. We have the power not to watch reality shows and engage in "real reality" in places like live concerts, shopping malls, movie theatres, musicals, Shakespeare plays, and even family vacations. Some reality shows even hire "celebrities" who do not collect a weekly paycheck like politician's wives and one of the "real housewives of Orange County."

When television becomes illegal in the year 2040, all the celebrities that became wealthy and famous through reality shows will suffer. Either they will have to find jobs in the movie theatre industry, live theatre industry, or go on welfare. Reality shows are just another fad like parachute pants and pet rocks; people need to know that there will not always be reality shows for them. People like Kate Plus Eight and the midget couple on The Little Couple need to know that reality shows exploit the people that they work with.

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