Scenario: Possible Names of Future Governments

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  • The People's Republic of China.
  • The People's Republic of Earth.
  • The People's Republic of Sol.
  • The People's Republic of Planets.
  • The Galactic Republic.
  • The People's Republic of Galaxies.


  • The Confederation of America.
  • The European Union Confederation.
  • The Confederation of Earth.
  • The Confederation of Sol.
  • The Confederation of Planets.
  • The Galactic Confederation.
  • The Confederation of Galaxies.


  • The United States of America.
  • The European Union Federation.
  • The United Nations of Earth.
  • The United States of Earth.
  • The United Federation of Sol.
  • The United Federation of Planets.
  • The Galactic Federation.
  • The United Federation of Galaxies.


  • The United American Alliance.
  • The United Earth Alliance.
  • The United Solar Alliance.
  • The United Planetary Alliance.
  • The United Galactic Alliance.
  • The United Alliance of Galaxies.


  • The American Empire.
  • The Earth Empire.
  • The Sol Empire.
  • The Planetary Empire.
  • The Galactic Empire.
  • The Empire of Galaxies.
  • the united empire of earth
  • ape empire of earth
  • The Caribbean Empire


the american kingdom.

the earth kingdom.

united kingdom of planets.

the kingdom of galaxies.

the sol kingdom.

the galactic kingdom.

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