Plageus was a virus developed in a university in a hidden location on the planet of Mars. It was created to hopefully heal some mosquito bites that occurred during the Scenario: Mutant Mosquitoes invasion. However, it turned savage.


It looks like a red gas. It is easily breathed in.

Conquer the World

Plageus spread throughout the entire planet of Mars. It will easily be spread by dust, storms, etc.


The peoples living in the Martian colonies resorted to building hidden, air-locked and more secure facilities in the many caves of Mars. The plan will work since the disease will fail to reach the caves. The people will hide for three years until Plageus dissipates.


Plageus will eventually dissipate due to the lack of its victims. However, the aftermath will be serious: 3 thousand colonists killed, and all of the plants(in the colonies) will die.

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