Much like mental enhancements, with the rise of advanced understanding of the human genome and body, some of the more adventuresome practioners of the cosmetic industry will fold the scientific community into themselves, with more and more people seeking to modify their bodies beyond simple tattoos and piercings.

Most will be fairly conservative as the trend starts out, as humans are wont to be (especially with the New Silent Generation) with a smattering of wildcards, but many more will begin to explore new possibilities as the trend becomes more and more accepted within society (beginning more prominently in the 'teenaged' years of the 2000's, with the rise of the New Beat Generation,[1] the successors of the New Silent Generation). There will be several members of the 1990s and 2000s-era furry fandom, particularly lifestylers, that use this new technology to fullfill their dreams. Several of the New Beat Generation children will also follow this path, but most will be even more wild, after the anticonformist nature of their generation, introducing spiny outgrowths, clashing skin colours, slit pupils, wings, tails, and other unconventional modifications, which may or may not be mixed-and-matched.


  1. Working title. May change with suggestions.

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