Terran-Kra'ix War
Blue Sun
Terran Flag
Date May 14, 2021 - January 1, 2041
Location The Sol solar system
Result Terran victory
  • Establishment of the Terran Empire
  • Re-organization of TSC
  • Hate between humanity and the Kra'ix

Blue Sun Earth



Terran leaders

Blue Sun Danny Knight
Blue Sun Tomas Cltre
Blue Sun Sarah Trest
Blue Sun Various world leaders

Kra'ix leaders


30 million 25 million
Casualties and losses
10 million 24.99 million

On, June 30 2015 the discovery of two ionic crystals in the deep sea caused the scientific world to go into shock the crystals covered in antinamsis(An4) a rare metal and oinx(O9) a type of reactive compound. The major problem was that when added with any other reactive compound the ionic crystals should have caused a shift in the polar end of the planet.

While, this discovery was a very important one to science to the public it was small, until the creation of the TSC(Terran Space Commission) which was tasked with all topics doing with space for the entire world given to them by the UN.

With, this discovery science started many breakthroughs including the Husten-Gravt drive (HGd), a advanced propulsion system which utilized ionic currents in the space which bended the Andres-phinelct plane. The cause rapid distortion and allowed a bend in space time.

This allowed the TSC to create the first ever space armada which at the time consisted of 20 fighter ships without the HGd and a small frigate about the size of two common airplanes in with and the titanic and a-half in height.

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