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A New Era (Order and Progress)

The World by 2115. Purple = Empire of Japan
Orange = India
Light Green = Indonesia
Blue = European Union
Dark Blue = Republic of China
Dark Green = Empire of Brazil
Dark Red = Canada
Brown = Empire of Mexico
Light Red = Cuba
Grey = African Union

Here are the main new superpowers:

  • The Empire of Japan: With Japan the main superpower, nothing can go wrong. After years of being a huge exporter of goods and imports, Japan's economy thrives and will surpass China's economy by 2100. With their advanced technology, more advanced then the rest, Japan will become the most powerful nation in the world. They also took over Microsoft company after the US collapsed in 2040.
  • The European Union: By 2070, the European Union will have all European Nations, including former Yugoslavia, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Armenia, Georgia (the country). Switzerland won't join the EU at all. By 2120 all members in the European Union use the Euro and other currencies, especially the British Pound and Russian Ruble, will fall out of use. The Euro will be the Second most powerful currency, behind the Japanese Yen.
  • Federal Republic of Brazil: With the USA decadence in 2040, Brazil become the third biggest superpower in the world. Brazil took over USA's failed projects and remade them. In 2060 Brazil become the second biggest technological centre, losing only to Japan. The Brazilian motto "Order and Progress" soon become the global motto.
  • India: With India's growing economy, and home to the Fourth strong standing military, India will become superpower by 2070.
  • Republic of China: After communism was abolished in 2020, China became a Republic. Taiwan's government was transferred to Beijing and Taiwan rejoined China. Mongolia joined the new China in 2050. China's economy and second strongest standing military made it a superpower by 2060.

Other Nations

  • Indochina - Indochina was formed in 2050 with the merging of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam into one nation; it has a democratic capitalist government.
  • Democratic Republic of Cuba - It gained some land after the US collapsed in 2040. It was the last communist country after the establishment of the Republic of Indochina in 2050. In 2100, Cuba went from communist into a democracy.
  • Republic of Mexico - Mexico re-absorbed Central America in 2050 after a referendum was held in the Central America countries. After the US collapsed in 2040, Mexico took advantage and regained its lands that was taken by the Americans back in the Mexican-American War in the 1840s. Mexico is a new potential superpower.
  • Canada - In 2040, Canada gains Alaska. They still play a major role in Foreign Policy. All their Healthcare becomes completely free by 2045.
  • Russia - After the death of Putin and Medvedev between the 2030s and 2040s, Russia experienced major reforms, and improved its relations with the West. By 2065, Russia goes on to join the European Union as well.
  • African Union - All the African Nations united into one country by 2050, and adopted a single currency by 2030. By 2155, Africa became a developed country, and has very wealthy economy and became very safe to visit and tour.
  • Switzerland -
  • Scandinavia - Denmark, Sweden, and Norway merged together into one country again in 2075, and Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands merges and becomes part of Scandinavia.
  • Republic of Korea - After the death of Kim Jong-un in 2068, North Korea was then taken over by a democratic leader, who rebuild and re-opened North Korea, and repaired everything. By 2150, North Korea was a wealthy economy and had better human rights etc., and eventually the Koreas united under South Korean rule, and because North Korea had a rich GDP and all, the economy of South Korea remained intact.
  • Thailand - With having the strongest economy in South East Asia, it is also another potential superpower.
  • Nepal - In 2150, it has a strong economy, a strong military, and because it is mostly mountainous, it has a very great natural defence.
  • Indonesia -
  • Federation of Yugoslavia - Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, will have merged together again to form this in 2110, and Albania joins the federation in 2115. It is a Parliamentary republic.
  • Arabian Federation - The Arabian Federation was formed in 2035 by the merging of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon into one nation. Palestine joined the nation by 2080.
  • Persian Republic - The Persian Republic was formed in 2060 following the fall of Iran.
  • Central Asian Union - Established in 2080 upon the merger of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan into one nation.

Defunct Nations

  • USA - Due to their massive debt, continuing to cause wars and going into other countries business, they are declining. All of the US companies went bankrupt by 2039, and the US collapsed in 2040. It is now nothing more then a wasteland.
  • Israel - Shortly after the collapse of the US, Israel couldn't support itself and soon collapsed in 2045. Palestine then managed to successfully invade and annex Israel.
  • Ecuador and Panama - They joined Colombia in 2079 due to their decline in economy and by referendums.
  • Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia: They joined Brazil in 2103, 2110 and 2115 respectively.

Culture changes

  • Most of the world will be under Japanese, Thai, Indian, Korean, Chinese, Arabian, and some European influence.
  • Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism become new major religions. The Vatican City will also lose power. Paganism will also be on the rise. Europe and the rest of the Western World will be filled with only Atheist, Neo-Pagan Religions, along with Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, and Shintoist by ~2150.
  • Fictional Characters will exist thanks to the invention of a special machine invented by Japan in 2155, named "Fiction to Real Life". The first fictional characters to exist will come from the Touhou Project.
  • The Earth is cooled down by 25 degrees Celsius thanks to new technology. This will lower sea levels and protect against the heat that the Earth has been suffering for so long. The will be no rising sea levels, it will decrease instead.
  • Formula One and Street Racing will become the major sports. Football (FIFA) will still exist as well, being a major sport.

Other Changes

  • The English Language will be in decline. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese Languages will become the lingua franca of the World. The only English speaking countries expected to be around is the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Other than that, English will be pretty much almost gone. Also, by 2450, the English language will become extinct. All other languages of the European Union will still exist in their respective country (Irish, Slovene, Croatian etc.)
  • With no more USA, the world becomes a much safer and nicer place. NATO dissolves and is replaced by the Atlantic Defence Organisation, established by the European Union and Canada. The United Nations is re-named into the League of Nations. The seven veto-wielding Permanent Security Council (League of Nations) members are: Japan, Brazil, Republic of China, France, India, Mexico, and Persia.
  • With the existence of Fictional Characters after 2300, Humanoids will become the most advanced, Type III civilization on the Kardashev scale.
  • Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn will be Terra-formed and people will be able to live there. This will happen in 2500. Soon, other planets in the Universe will also meet this fate.
  • North America is renamed to Vinlandia, while South America is renamed to Amazonia. The word 'America' will cease to exist.
  • Mumbai, India will be the main producer of films after Hollywood and it's film industry collapsed in 2040.
  • The Earth will be colder, and deserts will turn into grass lands thanks to new technology. The Sun will also be controlled by technology so that the Sun can never expand and is tamed. Scandinavian climates is very common in 2200.
  • With sea levels decreasing, more islands and land is created, and more places to live.
  • Speed limits become abandoned as the newer and revised cars make it impossible to crash. It becomes standard for most cars, as well as lorry and buses will be fitted with a powerful engine, just like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLaren F1s, and racing cars have.
  • Crime will be almost non existent since 2040. Police Chases still happen, but mainly for entertainment and action purposes for shows and films, as well as racing.
  • Electric cars are most common, and oil is preserved for food stuff only. There are also cars that can run on Ocean Water instead of petroleum.
  • Cars will be able to fly and drive on water, similar to using the cheat "Drive on Water" and "Cars fly" on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas; only it will happen like so (example of flying car example of car on water). Some cars can have doors open in order to fly, some don't.
  • All Transportation will be run on Electric or Ocean Water. Except for trains, only electric.

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