In the year 2030, the president of the United States passed a bill which allows for funding for a project to build high speed rail lines on what used to be interstate highways. These tracks will allow for trains to go as fast as 300 mph. The president passed this bill due to the fact that no one really owns a car anymore due to the high cost of gasoline and expenses that come with a car. The train lines will be named after the interstate highway number that is used to number the highway

Express Train Lines

Train 95- Stops

-Portland, ME

-Boston, MA

-Providence, RI

-New Haven, CT

-New York, NY

-Philadelphia, PA

-Baltimore, MD

-Washington, DC

-Richmond, VA

-Savannah, GA

-Jacksonville, FL

-Miami, FL

Train 93- Stops

-Boston, MA

-Manchester, NH

-Montreal, QC

Train 90- Stops

-Boston, MA

-Springfield, MA

-Albany, NY


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