After 6 lockouts in the NHL in the past 25 years, die hard hockey fans want to watch some hockey. The only problem are those lockouts. On May 27, 2017, the National Hockey Association was established to create competition for the National Hockey League. This league was created by a bunch of former NHL players like Tim Thomas.

Selection of MarketsEdit

The National Hockey Association was created with twelve teams inagurated into the league. These teams were chosen by popularity of hockey in a region, these teams being:

-Boston Colonials

-Hartford Whalers

-New York Americans

-Philadelphia Quakers

-Pittsburgh Buccaneers

-Toronto St. Pats

-Montreal Wanderers

-Detroit Cougars

-Chicago Maroons

-Minnesota Blizzard

-Vancouver Storm

-Washington Federals

This league, which gained popularity added four new teams for the 2018-19 season, the teams being:

-Winnipeg Fighters

-Kansas City Scouts

-Ouebec Nordiques

-Los Angeles Royals

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