Malthus is widely accredited with his Malthusian Scenario. Its basic tenets are such:

  1. Food production is increasing arithmetically (add a specific amount each year)
  2. Human population is increasing geometrically (add more and more each year)
  3. Given time, geometrical increase will far outstrip arithmetic increase
  4. This will result in lack of food for an ever-growing population
  5. This cannot be averted except by leaving a significant amount of people to death

The Malthusian scenario is extremely pessimistic, and there are pointers that it is simply not true:

  1. Due to agricultural advancements, food production is increasing geometrically
  2. Due to Family Planning|family planning initiatives, the rate of increase of the human population is steadily decreasing
  3. These two rates therefore cancel out, at least in the last few decades