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The 2020s are going to be a prosperous time with a high economy and very low government. We will have a President that works very hard and many people in the world will like him. Only 2% of your income will be sent to the government and you'll have virtually no taxes which makes the 2020s a very prosperous time. People in the 2020s will be very conservative and traditional. Family values will be back, and there will be a comeback of stay at home moms, and even stay at home parents, with a rise of internet jobs.The 2020s will have a revival of many 1990s trends and many 1950s trends. By the 2020s, with the rise of the Tea Party Movement, and Generation Z entering adulthood, moral conservative values will be the norm in the 2020s. You'll see a comeback of the June Cleaver-esque housewife with a more modern twist. The 2020s will be a great time to live.

Wars and Conflicts of the 2020s

  • 2021: Collapse of the People's Republic Of China
  • 2021-2024: Iran War
  • 2025-2028: Pakistan War
  • 2023: Tibet-India Conflict
  • 2022: Formation of the New Soviet Union
  • 2025: Unification War of Southeast Asia resulting in the Confederation of Dai Viet
  • 2024-2028: Japanese Civil War


  1. Singapore 
  2.  Hong Kong
  3. Finland
  4. Korea Republic
  5. Taiwan
  6. Japan
  7. Switzerland
  8. United States

Music of the 2020s

  • 2023- A comeback of the gangsta rap era of the 1990s...revival of old school hip-hop like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Tupac
  • 2027- Boy bands will be common
  • 2020- A new form of music called Doo hop becomes common with a combination of hip-hop and doo wop, which features beatboxing, doo wooping, and breakdancing.
  • 2020- Comeback of classic '50s style rock and roll.
  • 2021- Grunge Music will make a comeback.
  • 2025- Britpop will make a comeback.
  • 2026- Post-Grunge will make a comeback.
  • 2021- A brand new style of music like "Rock and Roll" will emerge in the '20s
  • American Bandstand will be back on the air for another generation

Television and Technology of the 2020s

  • 90s Nickelodeon style cartoons will make a comeback along with bumpers
  • Saturday morning cartoons will be the rage
  • A comeback of vintage anime like Dragon Ball Z , Pokemon, and Digimon
  •  the rat pack era of the 1950s will make a comeback
  • Disney will be the rage, especially around 2028, especially with the 100th anniversary of Mickey Mouse. A massive Walt Disney revival. A new string of Disney movies while movies such as Aladdin and The Lion King become modern Disney classics. The Lion King and other movies will be remade along with the old Disney's Cinderella and Peter Pan. Radio Disney will also make a throwback along with another Mickey Mouse Club
  • 3DTV will be common in many households while many people will be playing video games in 3D.
  • The vintage computer look of the 1990s will be the rage
  • Anime/manga industry will be divided into 2 factions: type A (prefer bunch of things from a series, like characters, music....) and type B (prefer mostly things be simple, like harem or ecchi genre...) However, those two won't cancel each other, but do otherwise, as people realize both of them are two sides of a coin, and any attempt to remove one of them would be extremely stupid. Everyone has their own tastes

Simpsons will make a huge comeback along with King of the Hill and South Park, even though South Park will be only shown on the internet and on late night TV because of the moral values of the 2020s.

  • Vintage WWE professional wrestling reruns
  • Vintage TV sets will come back...the rabbit ears
  • Many westerns will be shown on TV
  • A remake of the Ed Sullivan show

​Life and Trends in the 2020s

  • Men will wear very traditional clothing.
  • Combination of tradition & unique become trend.
  • A new form of counterculture that merges the greaser, nerd, and the skater
  • Beanies will make a comeback
  • A merge between the "Rachel' hairdo and the beehive will be a 2020s hairdo
  • Many toys from the 50s and the 90s will come back such as Mr Potato Head, Furby, hula hoop, and wiffle balls.
  • A comeback to the SUV and the soccer mom/helicopter parent
  • Drive in movies will be popular especially with the rise of Web 3.0 type technology which allows you to access the internet on other appliances besides computers.
  • Greaser grunge - which will result in the popularity of the rat rod. Greaser grunge merges the greaser cultures of the 1950s with the grunge of the 1990s.
  • The malt shop will make a comeback along with the internet cafe with a malt shop atmosphere
  • Very cool looking cars will be in the 2020s, especially with the New Greaser Gang
  • It will be the fad to sell things on the street to cars in the 2020s
  • Rat rods, vintage motorcycles, dirt bikes and snowmobiles will be the rage with the new greaser counterculture
  • The at home online business will take off in the 2020s. You can work out of your home along with be a house wife.
  • Laser bowling and indoor swimming pool parties, especially in the wintertime, will be the rage in the 2020s.
  • Moral panic, such as freak out over a couple of drawing or some nipples, will be treat as a sign of nervous breakdown or crazy & need to visit psychologists right away.




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