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Libyan-Egyptian War
Date 24 May 2018 — 18 July 2020
Location Libya and Egypt
Result Treaty of Benghazi
Flag of Egypt Egypt

Supported by:
Flag of Sudan Sudan
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of The Peoples Republic of China China

Libya Libya

Supported by:
Flag of Romania Chad
Flag of the United States United States
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of Egypt Ahmed Shafik

Flag of Egypt Sedki Sobhi
Flag of Egypt Mahmoud Hegazy
Flag of Egypt Younus Hamed
Flag of Egypt Mohammed Magdy

Libya Khalifa Haftar

Libya Hassan Ali Bushnak
Libya Saqr Geroushi
Libya Wanes Khamadah
Libya Aguila Saleh Issa

786,439 578,925
Casualties and losses
19,204 killed, 38,917 wounded, 4,002 captured or missing 20,000—30,000 killed, 50,000+ wounded, 5,000+ captured or missing
400,000—500,000 civilians killed, wounded, or refugees

The Libyan-Egyptian War was a conflict that broke out in May 2018. The war lasted for two years and caused nearly a million casualties, destroying what little infrastructure the two nations built in the desert regions of their countries.


Course of the war