2018- US Minimum wage raised to $8.50

2018-The Democratically controlled US Congress passes a bill legalizing medical marijuana.

2018- Paid family and medical leave is guaranteed for all Americans.

2019- In a 6 to 3 vote, the Supreme Court of the United States declares that medical marijuana can not be prohibited by any state, striking down 24 state laws immediately.

2019- The Supreme Court decides that same-sex and opposite-sex couples have equal adoption rights for children.

2019- Body cameras are installed for all city, county, and state police.

2020- Hillary Clinton is reelected for a second term, being declared one of the most successful presidents in the last half century. She runs against Ted Cruz.

2020- The United States lowers college tuition to median income at public colleges. This is upheld by the Supreme court.

2020- Federal minimum wage raised to $9.00

2021- Tax havens are outlawed by the United States. All overseas American companies have to pay an American tax.

2022- Assault weapons banned

2022- Federal minimum wage raised to $9.50

2023- Instant background check required for all gun purchases

2024- Federal minimum wage raised to $10.00

2024- Tax increases on fossil fuel corporations used to pay for government subsidized renewable energy program

2024- Split in republican party into two factions: Social conservatives mostly want to revert social changes made by Hillary Clinton, whereas the Tea Party want to revert economic changes also. Rand Paul is the Tea Party nominee, and Scott Walker is the Republican nominee. They end up competing in a lot of red states and turning them blue.