L.A.D., or Life and Death is a band of Scottish-American bad boys that become a popular rock band of the 2050s. They are discovered by Nick C. Recorded under CY-Rush Records. Lead singer is Dallas McDonald. L.A.D. was founded in Paisley at their first gig at a nearby pub, known as Nightskull Club. Their first hit single was "Days Numbered." The name of their first album is Launching A Dream (which is another L.A.D. acronym).

Musical Style

LAD is the scion of two great musical dynasties: the many bands of the post-grunge '90's (often called the Aberdeen Revolution, after the town in Washington where many influential bands such as Nirvana and Foo Fighters were based), such as Pearl Jam, Tool, and Green Day; the second being many British bands from all throughout history, including Coldplay, Dire Straits, and, most notably, The Clash and The Sex Pistols. The style of music that originated with LAD is often called neo-grunge, but it is mainly the lyrical and percussionist elements of British punk rock combined with the strings of progressive metal and alt rock.

LAD utilizes the fast-slow, aggressive bass guitar of Colin Fitzhugh with the loud, repetitive acoustic of Foggerty to create a fast-flowing undertone to the high-pitched lyrics of Macdonald, which are eerily reminiscent of Guns and Roses. Peterson adds his harmonic,eeiry amped guitar to it, creating a lilting style that takes it's cue from bagpipes of Scotland. Jacob Adams adds a steady base to the flowing background of Fitzhugh and Foggerty, with drum solos in most of the bridges.


Singer, Keyboard, Acoustic guitar: Dallas Macdonald

Bass, Singer: Colin Fitzhugh

Takes after Tool bassist Justin Chancellor, with aggressive rhythms and a solo during the bridge in No Thanks. (Listen to the beginning of the song The Pot by Tool to get it, and also from 1:08 to 2:00). In fact, most of LAD's songs have much of the rhythm and tune of The Pot.

Electric: Saul Peterson

Heavily influenced by Mick Jones and Steve Jones.

Acoustic, electric: Johnathan Foggerty

Actually much more a fan of metal rather than punk, Foggerty is the intellectual descendant of such guitarists such as Kirk Hammett and Adam Jones.

Drums: Jacob Adams


Launching a Dream (2051)

Not in Scotland, Anymore (2053)

Precious Negativity (2054)

Bagpipes of Fury (2060)

When We Were L.A.D.s (2061)

Kings of Paisley (2064)

Kings of Paisley Revibed (fall, 2064)

Crazy Scotsman (2068)

This Time (2073)

L.A.D. Legacy (The Greatest Hits) (2075)

Hit Singles

"Love Now" (Launching a Dream) (music by DK)

"Whining" (Launching a Dream)

"Precious Negativity" (Precious Negativity)

"No Thanks" (Kings of Paisley

'How High" (This Time)

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