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The "infection" was the name given to the global phenomon that resulted in the mass extinction of humans finished puberty.


The roots of the "infection" can be traced back to the Vietnam War, when American Military Planners desperatly needed a weapon to counter the vicious gurrella methods of groups like the Viet Cong. Desperate to both satisfy the demands of both protesters and stamp out Communism, in 1966 US President Lyndon B. Johnson authorized a top secret weapons program known as the "Project Churchill". Its aim was to create a cheap weapon capable of effecting a wide area without wreaking widespread destruction in the process. The solution: chemicals. 

The early stages of the project were hampered with issues of both technical and humanitarian nature. Tests using agents like cyanide and chlorine produced horrific, WW1 like results on their animal test subjects. By 1969 Project Churchill had come to a grinding halt, on both technical and humanitarian grounds. Practically no advancements what-so-ever had been made at the huge cost of $12 billion is research. Additionally, it was suspected that the high costing project had drawn the attention of the Soviets, which later turned out to be true. Animal Rights activists were also catching on to the frequent large scale purchases of rats, pigs, and monkeys. 

The War on Terror and Renewed Interest

Following the withdrawl of American Forces from Vietnam, Project Churchill was shelved and largley forgotten about. But following 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, Republicans began reviving old programs in an attempt to better combat Al-Qaeda's guerilla tactics. Project Churchill was revived under the new name "Project Washington". Then in January 2004 a scientist known only as "Dr Smithe" (his real name was protected by the government for privacy reasons) joined the research team. We know next to nothing about what happened in the project during the next ten years, but we know what it led to.

The Outbreak

At 5:51 CMT (Central Mountain Time) on the morning of July 26th 2014, an explosion occured from unknown causes ripped through the supposedly abandoned Winnemucca Air Force Station, (the secret site where the chemicals were being tested) forcing an emergency evacuation of all personell. As President Obama apoligized to the nation on National Televison for keeping the world in the dark, an officer (or a few) coughed before being quarenteened at Winnemucca. This and the fumes being given off the staff's clothing resulted in the infection of all the people treating them, one of whom flew to the Pentagon to report the incident.

Meanwhile a breeze coming down from the north directed the chemicals into the lungs of the people of the town. With people travelling to population centres like Las Vegas, the disease quickly spread, taking a painfull 36 hours to actually kill the person, giving ample time to go practically anywhere in the world. The effects were soon felt around the globe, with many people fleeing major population centres into the wild. The one group that the chemicals did not effect were children. The scientists of the project had intentionally developed the Gas to cripple a foreign country's capacity to wage war as humanitarily as possible. The easiest genetic divison for them to rule out was people who had not yet fully gone through puberty. As the rest of humanity slowly died out, teens slowly realized that the world now lay in their hands. Within just 3 months of the outbreak, 98% of people over the age of 14 had died. The stage was set for a new era.

Breakdown of Society and New Dark Age

Urban centres in the Continental US were the first to be hit, but the outbreak quickly infiltrated Mexico and Canada, followed by East Asia and Western Europe. Governments, struggling in vain to keep order, issued emergency evacuations to leave urban centres for rural areas, which only helped spread the illness to farmers and nomads. By the end of the first month, cities like New York, London, and Beijing were all but abandoned, but not ghost towns, as rotting carcasses haunted the one great cities.

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