Greater freedoms will exist for students and teachers in the future. Students will be allowed to not attend school after the first four years of education, when basic reading, writing and arithmetic have been learned. This will help students who do want to attend to focus on their work and not be distracted by those that aren't interested. It will also help teachers do their job by only teaching those that are interested in learning.

Social technology from sites like and will be used to improve local schools. Teachers, parents, and even students will submit articles about their school which can be voted up and down, and people can leave their comments, which also can be voted up and down. (Similar software technology will be used to improve other aspects of society, such as in city planning, politics, and environment.)

Testing will become simplified. No test will hold back a student from a certain grade, only a certain level of the subject it is testing. That is, if a student performs well at math, but does badly at Language Arts, he will advance more quickly in his math grade levels than in his Language grade levels. No student will be held back any more because his brain is "lop-sided." Even a student who is only good at sports, will receive high sports grades, and advance in these areas, allowing him to obtain higher learning and jobs related to his abilities.

Female students will be allowed to nurse their babies in designated areas. Homes and neighborhoods will be built closer to schools anyway.

Less security and snooping will be allowed on schools and in cities as it will be found that privacy is still of value.

Students with violent desires will be encouraged to express themselves destructively in ways that do not cause any harm to human life or valuable property. For instance, if a school or another building in the city needs to be destroyed, such bad kids can be assigned to help in its demolition, or they can be employed to help design violence in video games, movies and other art.

Time at school will be simplified so that less busy work occurs. Kids who have an innate desire for recess and play time will be allowed to leave class when they please.

Education will turn into a lifetime opportunity, age-less, so that a woman of 60 and a man of 18 can both take the same level of algebra courses in the same classroom, similar to how is often done in community colleges.

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