In 2020, Germany and many other european states are in a bloody civil-war. Low birth-ratings and more and more islamic immigrants caused a civil-war between radical muslims, who want to make Europe islamic and the Europeans, who discovered their european patriotism again.

Germany and many allied nations like France, Great Britain, Netherland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Czech, the scandinavien states, Belgium and some more built an new european army to reconquer the big cities and to save the civilists.

Especially in Berlin, Hamburg, the Ruhrpott-area and many big cities in west- and south-Germany, bloody fights took place.

There were also some Volksarmeen (folk-armys), which were groups of civilists, fighting together against the danger. But they were also leftradical and communistic groups on the german side, who at first helped the muslims, till they saw how racistic the muslims were and killed the german civilists.

The fights lastet only a few months, but shocked the european nations a lot. The Frankfurter Abkommen lead Europe into a new order. The Europeans now forbid too many immigrants and wanted to live their traditions more. A new historism in architecture began and the teenagers, influenced badly by american movies, were reeducated to discipline and intelligence instead of Hip Hop and being egoistic.

2021 the Germans didn´t trust in their government anymore after this desaster, talking about multi-culti being good and so they forced votes about Germany becoming a monarchy again with a german Kaiser.

A patriotic-monarchistic way of joy run through Germany and in the same year, Friedrich Georg of Hohenzollern was proclamated the new Kaiser of Germany. The Bundestag was replaced with the new Reichstag and a new constitution was made.

Soon the wish to continue the unifcation of all german states rose again and the Austrians seeing how succesful Germany was with his Kaiser in rebuilding a new proud nation, joined in 2023 the german state. 2024 Luxemburg followed and 2025 Switzerland joined the new German Kaiserreich as a souvereign Reichsland.

But the new Reich, now the strongest nation in Europe, wante to get back the territories, which were stolen in 1919 through the Versailles dictate and 1945 because of the deportation of 15 mio Germans in the east-territories.

2028 the German-territory began. Germany attacked with the new strong Reichswehr Poland, Czech and France to get back Schlesien, Pommern, Preußen, Sudetenland and Elsass-Lothringen. Russia and England were on the side of Germany, while Italy was neutral.

Atom-bombs weren´t used, because all governments knew the danger of an atomic apocalypse. The war didn´t last long, after Paris and Warschau were conquered the french and polish governments retreated as well as the czech government.

Germany was now a huge Kaiserreich in the middle of Europe and after making peace, they got Südtirol from Italy without any fights.

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