2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilEdit

Winner: Germany 1-0 Argentina (e.t.) 3rd: Netherlands 3-0 Brazil

2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaEdit

Winner:Argentina 1-1 France(3-2p) 3rd: Germany 2-0 Brazil

2022 FIFA World Cup QatarEdit

Winner: France 1-0 Brazil 3rd: England1-1 Italy (4-5p)

2026 FIFA World Cup CanadaEdit

Winner: Italy 4-2 England 3rd: Portugal 2-1 France

2030 100th FIFA World Cup UruguayEdit

Winner: Italy 1-0 Portugal 3rd: Cameroon 2-1 England

2034 FIFA World Cup EnglandEdit

Winner:England 0-0 Portugal1-0ET 3rd: Italy1-0 Cameroon

2038 FIFA Word Cup ChinaEdit

Winner: Italy 2-1 Cameroon 3rd: England 5-4 Portugal

2042 FIFA World Cup Cameroon-Ivory CoastEdit

Winner: Cameroon 2-0 Portugal 3rd: England 1-0 Brazil

2046 FIFA World Cup SpainEdit

Winner: Portugal 1-0 Spain 3rd: Brazil 2-0 Croatia

2050 FIFA World Cup USAEdit

winner:Brazil 4-0 Mexico 3rd: England 1-0 Germany

Italy: 8 Brazil: 6 Germany: 3 Argentina: 3 Uruguay: 2 France: 2 England: 2 Portugal: 1 Cameroon:1 Mexico: 1

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