Gaming is an interactive means of both information and entertainment.

2011-2018 - Rise of mobile gaming

By 2011-2012 mobile gaming begins to replace Facebook games, especially in iOS and Android. Later, mobile takes a more in-depth direction.

By mid 2013, hardcore games begin to get more and more popular on the mobile ecosystem, with examples such as the Infinity Blade series and various GTA clones. Despite this, casual games continue to have a hold with more power than on other platforms. Through 2013, Candy Crush Saga continues to be top grossing. This causes criticism of Mobile Gaming among 'hardcore' gamers.

This changes through 2014-17, as CCS and other freemium titles fall on the top grossing list and is replaced with better quality games. Slowly, longtime PC or Console gamers migrate or expand their gaming to mobile.

2025-2031 - Rise of Informational games

By 2025, there are only a few popular titles primarily used for information. Slowly more infogames come out or become popular.

This is mainly because gaming is beginning to be seen as more than a form on entertainment. Developers are creating programs that just a decade before, wouldn't be seen a game. This is a very similar process to what happened to movies almost a century before. This new means of information is interactive, and mold able.

By 2031, this process is complete and informational gaming is almost as big an industry as entertaining games.

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