2016 Summer: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2018 Winter: Pyongyang, Korea

2020 Summer: Tokyo, Japan

2022 Winter: Kiev, Ukraine

2024 Summer: Paris, France

2026 Winter: Oslo, Norway

2028 Summer: Auckland, New Zealand

2030 Winter: Warsaw, Poland

2032 Summer: Dallas, Texas

2034 Winter: Tampere, Finland

2036 Summer: Durban, South Africa

2038 Winter: Edmonton, Canada

2040 Summer: World Special

2040 Winter: Torshavn, Faroe Islands

2042 Summer: Honolulu, Hawaii

2044 Winter: Kazan, Russia

2048 Summer: San Francisco, USA

2050 Winter: Canberra/Snowy Mountains, Australia

2052 Summer: Vancouver, Canada

2054 Winter: Reykjavik, Iceland

2056 Summer: Seattle, USA

2058 Winter: Juneau, Alaska

2060 Summer: World Special

2062 Winter: Churchill, Canada

2064 Summer: St. Louis, USA

2066 Winter: Ammassalik, Greenland

2068 Summer: Mumbai, India

2070 Winter: Vostok, East Antarctica

2072 Summer: Sao Pualo, Brazil

2076 Winter: Istanbul, Turkey

2080 Summer: Detroit, USA

2082 Winter: Europa, Pa, Sector 15

2084 Summer: World Special

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