Fox News is currently a conservative biased news and talk radio station. While other news stations claimed that they show quality news, Fox News disagrees with the credibibity of the other news station. For most of the 2010s, Fox News will be one of the most popular news stations, showing the most up to date and accurate news. While CNN will show a coverage on some soccer/baseball/basketball/football/hockey scandal or what Miley Cyrus is doing, Fox News will continue to show what is really going.


Fox News main focus will be based on foreign policy and international relations, and live commentary will take place on foreign affairs such as the founding of the Eurasian Union. While Fox News eventually gets into a merger with Disney, Fox News will continue to dumb down and use more news achors for sexual appeal than information. Fox News will ignore some of the rules of the Better Entertainment Act of 2018; turning into a liberal bias and a youth-oriented news network. Focus on celebrites and country singers as anchors will be on Fox News, along with the voice of Peter Griffin for Family Guy.

In 2017, Tom Anderson, owner of FOX owned MySpace, will have his own news talk show and Simon from American Idol will have one in 2020.

Fox News will show sports news, as the Fox Sports Network loses ratings. The short-lived Global Corn Famine of 2028 will become the most commonly discussed topic of FOX News by 2028; with Peak Oil and documenting people's lives after being cured of autism tying for second-place.

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