Active 1 August 2052– Present
Country Confederated States of Africa
Branch Confederated Army.
Type Special Forces

Counter Terrorism

War-Criminal apprehension.

Size Three regiments
Part of CSA Special Forces
Garrison/headquarters Regimental headquarters: Pretoria

2 Fisi: Windhoek

3 Fisi: Mombasa




I Fear God, And God Alone.


Black and Red


Commander in Chief

Wikus Grobbelaar NG

Fisi (pronounced Fye-see) is the CSA's premier special forces regiment. In the dying days of the African Unification War, the Confederation leadership realised that a vast number of Union commanders responsible for war crimes during the War had escaped into the Middle East, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, Fisi was formed with one goal in mind, to track down, find and bring to justice these war criminals. Fisi was chosen as the name for this Regiment of the African Confederation's finest soldiers because it is the swahili word for hyena, the finder of the dead (Wikus Grobbelaar, the legendary Confederation General and Fisi's commander in chief famously said "we say that because these bastards are all dead men walking already). A team of Fisi soldiers famously apprehended Sebhat Afewerki, the "Butcher of Boma" on a busy street in Birmingham, in the United Kingdom and transported him to Pretoria, where a lengthy trial, likened by many to the trial of Adolf Eichmann by the Israelis, found him guilty of war crimes and sentenced him to death by firing squad.


Fisi, while still largely focused on the tracking and apprehension of War Criminals (of whom, dozens are still unaccounted for), now also serve a more conventional anti-terrorism role, defending the CSA from all terrorist threats and actions.

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