Scenario: First Moon War

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In the early days of the 2060s most Moon colonies were declaring independence and were allowed to leave their home countries.


However, China wanted to keep it's colony. When they declared independence, they sent troops to disrupt the process of government making. They entered the capitol city, and began to attack the temporary government's capitol building. The New China immediatly began guirrella warfare on the invading Chinese. The Chinese army, in turn began destroying entire neighborhoods suspected of guirrella warfare. The guirrella fighters just started began fighting in neighborhoods that were taken by the Chinese army to help push back the Chinese as they were destroying their gains. Thousands of innocent people were killed, and the smoke produced by all the explosions threatened to make the Moon unhabitable.

The other Moon Countries declared war on China and began the process of beating the Chinese back. They took all the Chinese airports and miltary bases and soon entered the Capitol of New China. Soon the Chinese colony was free of the Red army. The Chinese, however began launching huge missle strikes against the other colonies. They killed 2,000 people, however were soon stopped as they got star satilites to prevent the missles from hitting.

The Chinese began to land back into their former colony and took the capitol back. They began advancing across unclaimed land and approached the other countries land. The Moon Americans began digging trenches and placing mines to stop the Chinese. They aslo begun filling entire trenches with oil to stop the Chinese as they would sink in the oil if they fell in. Soon the Chinese reached the trenches and placed mobile bridges to cross them. They were soon blown up by the RPG 4. The huge explosions threatened to push the Moon into a unhabitable wasteland. A enviormental disater was declared and emergency air cleaners used to fight pollution in the 30s were being sent to the Moon to prevent the incoming disater. The Envoriment was saved, but the other countries weren't.

The Chinese had reached the borders of the Republic of Japan (RJ). They started bombing towns and taking huge cities. The Entire Northern part of the Moon combined their miltary and resources to fight the Chinese. They created a new weapon that allowed them to strike anywhere on the Moon or Earth with a huge lasor capable of destroying a meduim sized city. They began firing at 13 Chinese cities and the Chinese army in RJ before runnin out of ammo. The Chinese lost 75% of their Moon army and 100,000 citizens. They retreated from RJ and were heading back to their Colony to recieve reinforcements. The Combined Forces of the Moon (CFM) headed after them and began bombing the Chinese army. By the time they finally reached their airports, the Chinese had lost 90% of their Moon Army. They admited defeat in 2065, and left the Moon for good.

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