Europe in Conflict is a scenario in which a new Nazi Party takes over Austria, turning it into Nazi Austria in the year 2046. At the time, the EU collapsed in 2017 and this does not exist, neither does the US. Maps are redrawn and new countries were formed not only in Europe but most of the world.

Austria, originally a commonwealth followingthe EU collapse, was turned into a Nazi state when the Nazi Party leader, Kreig Goring, came to power, and appointed Mauser Volk as vice chancellor. After false flag attacks in Germany by Austrian agents, the country's government is dissolved following an Austrian-backed revolution. The leadership took control of Germany, making it part of Austria. The Austrian-backed Grand Duke Henri Halsdorf turned Luxembourg into a Nazi vassal state as well. By that point in time, much of Europe was different due to an economic collapse of the European Union back in 2017. Nazi Austria declared war on them, causing the Great War.

Significant Changes (as of 2046)


  • Warfare and economic depression have stalled the advancements in technology, so mainly the same technology is used at this time.
  • GMOs are illegal everywhere; Monsanto was shut down and it's leaders were executed of imprisoned on account if crimes against humanity.
  • Gaming on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One remains popular among teenagers, though both Microsoft and Sony are much poorer.


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