• January: A strange object is seen entering the Solar System. It is kept secret by the US government.
  • February: The object appears to be moving at an incredible speed, it has reached Mars.

It is currently stationed on Mars.

  • March: It reaches Earth and is stationed above all major cities and mega cities. The US government decide to not make contact. It is revealed that the object is a gargantuan fleet of ships.
  • April: They start dropping giant seed-like objects on the cities. It is revealed they are Megabombs. Washington D.C falls, along with Tokyo, Ottawa, Brussels, London, Paris and many others.
  • May: Sydney, Moscow, Colombo, Arusha, Montevideo, Honolulu, Jakarta, Oslo, Tripoli and Doha are the final 10 major cities of the world. Until the invaders are gone, the world establishes the Confederation of Earth. (COE).
  • June: The de facto capital of Earth is Moscow. Hilary Clinton and Malcolm Turnbull have been revealed to be deceased. The presidents/leaders of Earth are Donald Trump & Bill Shorten.
  • July: Russian Spies have discovered an opening on the highly advanced ships. They discover weapons to use against the invaders. They also find other highly advanced weapons and technology.
  • August: Donald Trump orders the technology be used to create force fields to protect the human race from uninhabitable countries and continents. The alien invaders start invading the COE.
  • September: The COE uses the aliens weapons against them and start pushing them out of Earth. Storms rage across Earth because the aliens have drilled into the Earth, upsetting the tectonic plates.
  • October: Russia is forced to fire chemically unstable missiles at their ships above Earth. Vladimir Putin is revealed to have survived and sends out a speech to the remaining Earth, Saying "This is our final stand, we must fight, FOR THE FREEDOM OF OUR PLANET!!!.
  • November: The Earth is on its last legs, But they cannot give up. Suddenly, another spaceship is seen near Earth, another species of alien. They fire a rocket at the mothership of the invaders, Destroying it instantly. The aliens that helped our planet suddenly leave, chasing after the invaders.
  • December: Our planet is finally free of those nasty invaders. The remaining countries are listed.


  • Sri Lanka
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Norway
  • Uruguay
  • Hawaii
  • East African Federation
  • Indonesia
  • Libya
  • Qatar

Countries that survived but are controlled by new governments

  • Korea (Russia)
  • Bahrain (Qatar)
  • New Zealand (Australia)
  • Singapore (Indonesia)
  • Malaysia (Indonesia)
  • Maldives (Sri Lanka)
  • Finland (Russia)
  • Egypt (Libya)
  • US (Hawaii)

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