Avian Flu

Worse Case Scenario (The Beginning of the End)

This scenario simulates an outbreak in Vietnam .Non Effective measures are used to curb the largely rural outbreak. The desease is a international epidemic.

15th January 2019-

1 Vietnamese farmer is infected with the virus at a farm.

24th January 2019-

19 have now been infected. The first patient is NOT isolated. Officials investigate the accident.

5th February 2019-

The first victim dies. The infected toll is 53. A quarantine is imposed.

19th February 2019-

Ho Chi Minh City reports its first case. To this state a number of 82 are infected. 3 have died.

23rd February 2019-

The 5th patient dies, 104 are infected. Hanoi reports its first case.

===24th Feb 2019 the Head of the Healthcare System announce that this is just a cross infection between flu,small-pox and rubeola,nothing much to worry about and says that the "cross-infected" to stay at home,or to the local clinic because going to the bigger "upper"(that's how the big hospitals are called) to avoid cross infection

===29th Feb 2019 the infected toll is now 276.Later that day,an infected took a bus to goes to the West VN for a bussiness trip

===1st March 2019 the infected toll:389 dead toll:27 an infected cross the border of Cambodia for a market fair.he/she infected ~30 people

===5th March 2019 I toll:976 D toll:53 an American got infected

===6th Mar 2019 the H of HS make a few promises. I:1327 D:87

===10th Mar 2019 the US infected flew back to the US I:2361 D:147

===15th Mar 2019 first death in the US I:5629 D:289

===24th Mar 2019 the US ofical step in due to the increased D toll Al-Quaeda plot suspected I:14789 D:672

===30th Mar 2019 the disease spreaded to UK,Russia,Indo,Singapoor,Lao,... I:21034 D:1138

===10th April 2019 the US gives out a Pandemic alert CDC research team joined in I:~32000 D:~2300

===18th Apr 2019 a CDC researcher got one knows Viet Nam and Cambodia in Chaos I:~68000 D:~4500

===21st Apr 2019 the Army was deployed in multiple countries to keep things under control.

===30 Apr 2019 the cause of the outbreak identified:a strand of Small pox that got geneticly mutated due to an unknown course.suspection of toxic chemical from a trash processing centre that leaked into the river I:~300000 D:~25000

===10th May 2019 the virus mutated into deadlier forms: it will now be able to cause insainity on its victim it has mutated the ability to cross infecting other species,like birds,wild life,...

===15th May 2019 the disease,now called with the name PAX-169 being placed on watchlist

===21th May 2019 the previously infected researchers got insane and demolished the Lab,burning the Files.they got shot and killed.the search for the cure took a big hit

===22th May 2019 I:~1500000 D:~100000

===1st July 2019 the UN force were sent to take control over. the UN give out the 'Shoot on Sight' Protocol,letting the army,or basicly anyone,can kill an infected

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