This is a Scenario The2016 has created. I'm sorry if it is not good, but I have tried.


  • January 5: A strange Virus has been reported in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • February 16: Scientists cannot work out where this disease has emerged from. It has now spread through Southern Africa. All flights from anywhere in Africa have now been blocked.
  • March 7: Now it has Spread through the East African Federation and Central Africa. Scientists have studied the disease, every person who gets it will die, because there is no cure.
  • April 22: It has spread into The Middle East, even though the world is trying to block it.
  • May 29: It has reached North & South America. It is revealed that passing by aliens may have lost it on earth thousands of years ago, then it was frozen but has thawed overtime.
  • June 12: The disease has caused an apocalyptic hell world wide except Europe and Australia.
  • July 4: Hilary Clinton is evacuated from The US. It appears that the aliens have returned, possibly to attack us.
  • August 11: The Aliens appear to have weapons capable of destroying entire land masses. They start tearing up Africa and North America.

September 19: North America is completely obliterated, except for Vancouver is.

  • October 31: Africa is destroyed, except for Somalia, Morocco and Togo.
  • November 13: They have destroyed Indonesia, China and most of the Asian Countries. Japan and Korea Survive.
  • December 25: We finally get contact with the Aliens. It appears they have a translator so they can speak English. They tell us that they destroyed the continents because the disease they had would have destroyed all life on Earth. They move Antarctica into the place of Africa. Before they destroyed the continents they managed to rescue many species of animal and plant.


  • January 5: The remaining Continents are South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica, Alrhough they were hit badly. Korea Unifies and There are now main capitals for all continents. Australia-Sydney 7,567,000. Europe-London 20,455,455. South America-Santiago 6,778,092. Antarctica-Vostok 2,455,766. Korea-Seoul 30,555,443. Japan-Tokyo 45,668,339.

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