In the future, scientists will eventually discover how to make gold atomically without having it being so expensive. A few years after the discovery, a propositon of a colony made entirely made of gold was made. It was immediately put into motion and seven years after the concept, the colony will have been open for colonists.


The colony is located on the Moon, on a high plateau overlooking most of the moon.


The colony will have 8 entrances, with only 2 of them above ground since the streets except the Main one are located underground. There will be a South entrance, East entrance, West Entrance, North Entrance and entrances in the directions of South East and West and North East and West. Over all the entrances, futuristic weapons will be stored to prevent invasion from space terrorists.


It will be a colony bigger than Dream City before its destruction 60 years before the creation of this colony. The Colony of Gold will fit over all of the plateau.


The streets of the colony will all be two floors underground except for the Main Street.

Main Street

Main Street is the central attraction of the colony. There will be an artificial pool in the middle housing several specimens of fish from Earth, and all the buildings there will have trees on their rooftops.

Gold Square

The square that splits Main Street into two halves. It will contain the statue of the scientist who made this concept.


The Colony of Gold will consist entirely of apartment buildings. The towers will all have 150 to 200 floors therefore only the richest people wanting to settle down in outer space could afford to live in this colony.

Pirate Invasion

Ten years after the creation of the Colony of Gold, a group of jealous people told the pirates how to take out the defense systems of the colony. So, succeeding in doing that, the pirates beseiged the Colony of Gold, killing many.

Invasion Memorial

The aftermath of the invasion was bloody: a third of the population of the colony was killed. Eventually, a memorial(a path extending out from the main road to a crater nearby) will be built. The path will have the names of the deceased carved in gold on it.

Growing Population

The government will eventually open the Colony of Gold for ordinary citizens to live in to prevent these invasions. So, the city was further developed underground. The underground level will form a square underneath the city but won't be bigger than the plateau the city is on.

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