Welcome to the Colonial Resurgence timeline. This timeline starts in the very near future, so I am taking suggestions on what to do when time catches up with my timeline.


The date is October 10, 2012. The Embassy Crisis, as it would come to be called, ended without further injury to any other Americans. However, these events left an indelible mark in the minds of many Americans. Obama was now seen as being far too weak, and polls showed Romney leading him by 8% by October 10. Many Americans now wanted to completely ignore the Middle East, but a very few thought there was only one solution to the Middle East and Africa: colonialism.

November 4: Mitt Romney wins the 2012 presidential elections, campaigning on the basis of a "Feared and Respected America", which won him the minds of many Americans tired of what they saw as loose, weak foreign policies.


In January, Romney takes office, vowing to "make America feared and respected". He puts into place his policies of economic recovery, attempting to reverse the defecit, cutting funds to welfare programs. Romney also wants to involve the US in Syria, but is pressured by libertarians and liberals to avoid involvement in the conflict in Syria. By May, Romney's policies have started to take effect.

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