Capitalism is the economic system that is currently used around the world; except in North Korea, China, Cuba and the most impoverished of economies. In the future it may continue to be used, it may be adapted, updated and redeveloped or it might be discontinued altogether and replaced with a better system

Current problems with Capitalism

Capitalism currently stymies true technological revolution and change. This is because people patent the technologies and science that they develop for profit. This profit model causes people to try to preserve their technology and scientific findings, sometimes at the expense of the greater good. For example, a pharmaceutical group might prevent other scientists from developing better anti-depressant medications and solutions because the drug that they have developed is patented and makes them a lot of profit.

Allowing others to improve on their design would mean they would lose profit. Also the cost of research and development is sometimes too high in terms of a 'cost benefit analysis' and 'return on investment'. Therefore research and development can become stale in such situations.

It can be argued that allowing people to improve on other people's designs in an open source environment can encourage people to start their own businesses; creating jobs in the process.

Replacing Capitalism

By the end of the 2061 fiscal year, capitalism might be replaced by something like a resource based economy. This is an economy where people, scientists and researchers are given free access to all of the resources that they need, without the petty restrictions imposed by money and copyright.

These artificial constructs within capitalism ultimately limit human potential, collaboration, improvement and redevelopment.

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