Blueprint for Colonization

The Ministry of Colonization, or MinCol as the people called it, was charged with developing blueprints for space colonization. It was run by a handful of Administrators, who were near the top of the Hegemony hierarchy. They were assisted by many other individuals. These men and women designed the Blueprint for Colonization, a yearly plan of what was to follow:

  • An immense seed factory would produce various all the other factories that were required; however, it could not make itself. Only one such seed factory had to be built for an entire colony to be set up. Of course, the seed factory would still need raw materials and electricity.
  • These factories would have all the components necessary to integrate themselves into another seed factory.
  • These factories would also be charged with producing all other parts of the colony.
  • Space mining facilities, called Extractors, would obtain all the raw materials needed.
  • Shuttles would transport materials, personnel, and war materiel.
  • Colonies close to the sun would rely on solar power. Far away colonies would rely on nuclear power.
  • Colonies on the moon would be protected by a biosphere. Far away colonies would feature underground biospheres, sunken into an asteroid, as a shield protecting against radiation and microasteroid collisions.
  • An Earth Port would be constructed to bring items into and back from space, or to the moon.
  • Due to the exorbitant fuel prices of lifting from Earth Port, everything that could would be obtained from Moon Port. For this purpose, Moon Colonies would be established.
  • After the Moon Port became operational, shuttles would venture forth to the nearest parts of the asteroid belt to establish the first asteroid-belt-based space colonies.
  • The Colonization of Mars and the other planets would be put off.

The Shape of Things to Come

And so the Blueprint for Colonization was set in motion. The population of the colonies increased rapidly, and before long, humanity had a foothold in the asteroid Belt as well. Humanity's first and greatest base in the Belt was called the New Gettysburg Belt Colony. It was located within the Belt, on the minor planet Ceres. Once the population of New Gettysburg reached 200, the leaders and staff of the Ministry of Colonization moved there.