The Atlantic States of America is social and political federation between 34 former U.S. states. Its membership includes the vast majority of Eastern United States, including the state of Texas . In the year 2011 the people of Texas and Eastern U.S.A. became increasingly frustrated with the Chinese control over the world's market and California 's control over American society that they strongly believed that they should consider peacefully creating their own nation separate from the United States without civil war.

On September 21st, 2012, the states of the Atlantic Federation held a public vote and the citizens of the A.S.A. had voted to secede from the United States of America but the permission to seccede was not granted by the U.S. federal government .

In 2013, Germany secedes from the European Union and begins to resurrect the German Empire of WWI and in 2014, the Japanese Empire of WWII is resurrected and the Japanese begin to wage war on the other nations of Asia.

In 2015, the United States joins the Allied forces and declares war on the Central Powers of the German, Japanese and African Empires. Immediately after America's declaration of war the Atlantic States of America declares its independence and joins the Central Powers. With the aide of German, Japanese and African forces, the Atlantic States of America hopes to form its own independent nation and help the Central Powers win the conflict.

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