The Arabic Empire is a soveriegn state since 2019 with the unification of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Egypt, which was almost left in ruins after the 2030 uprisings, had united with Saudi Arabia in 2045. The newly formed Arabic Empire also contained the Arab Emirates (since 2019), Bahrain (2021), Oman (2024), Jordan (2030) and Iraq (2032). Leader of the Arabic Empire, Muhammad al Gwazir, soon became one of the most powerful men in the world.

Tensions between the United States of America (who was the most hated enemy of the Arabic Empire) and Afghanistan were still fragile but Afghanistan refused to join the Arabic Empire. Soon the Arabic Empire turned from effectively unifying weakened Islamic states to conquest. In 2050 the War of the Arabs ensued.

The leaders of many countries urged The Arabic Empire to stop but Afghanistan was conquered in 2053. Soon after (in January 2054) Muhammad al Gwazir died of heart failure and the Arabic Empire retreated out of Afghanistan. His successor, Muhammad Omar al Kalem promised his people he would conquer the United States.

Israel, at this point, was doing very well economically. The Israelis had a magnificent army and warned the Arabic Empire that if they went as far as too kill an Israeli man, a war would follow. Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Rosokii, soon put troops around Israel’s borders.

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