OK, so here we go I'm trying to do my first scenario!


Another Great War is coming! On 2019, the tension between Russia and rest of the world is so intense that almost all of the Europe is feeling like there's another Cold War. China realized how communist is wrong and changed its government with a massive coup. North Korea still remains isolated and Russia is now At the edge of communism, with the Communist Party winning 48% of the vote. What would happen?

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Timeline of Scenario: the Second Great War Nations of Scenario: the Second Great War



Central Asia

  • Nov. 2019 Invasion of Kazakhstan(SGW)
  • Dec. 2019 Russian Invasion of Central Asia
  • Oct. 2020 Russo-Sino War
  • Nov. 2020 Liberation of Tajikistan
  • Nov. 2020 Liberation of Turkmenistan
  • Dec. 2020 Liberation of Kyrgyzstan
  • Feb. 2021 Liberation of Uzbekistan
  • Jun. 2021 Reinvasion of Central Asia
  • Jul. 2023 Reliberation of Tajikistan and Krygystan
  • Sep. 2023 Iran invasion of Tajikistan
  • Sep. 2023 Battle of Bishkek
  • Oct. 2023 Second battle of Bishkek
  • Nov. 2023 Third battle of Bishkek
  • Jan. 2024 Fourth and Fifth battle of Bishkek
  • Feb. 2024 Chinese Pushback
  • May 2024 third liberation of the central Asian countries(except Kazakhstan)
  • Jul. 2024 Astana offensive

Indian Subcontinent

Middle East

Western Asia and Greece

Iberia and France

Italian Peninsula

Scandinavia and Germany

Baltics, Middle and East Europe

British Isles and Iceland

Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia

East Asia


North America

Central America

South America

Everywhere else