* Note: Inspired by Desire Drive. Like Miyako-san, I'm an anime/manga maniac. Unlike him, however, I'm not just into Touhou, but into all. As a result, this scenario will have a lot similar credentials with Miyako-san's and will have many fantasy elements.


This scenario based on an unprecedented event: In late 2015, something happen at Tokyo Big Sight stadium while preparing for Olympic 2020, trigger the collapse of barrier between real world and fantasy worlds (in this case, anime/manga/VN/games worlds, some parts of DC Comics world....) As a result, characters from almost all of them starting to migrate to real Earth. That's referred to as The Event

By the time of 2022, most characters in pop culture world of Japan and a handful ones from Western-styled comics help re-shape the whole world order.

Due to the interference of those characters, from 2015 to 2057, there are four major events that change the world forever:

  • The fall of both China Communist and Russia Federation, result in governments overthrow, countries split and be conquered by others. This is referred to as The Fall.
  • Global warming is dealt with slowly, with the main source is overuse of fossil fuel being replaced.
  • Neo-imperialism faded into time, with Japan transform completely into a full-fledged confederation. With that, a lot of other extreme ideologies, including moral panic.... disappear one by one.
  • Governments around the world undergo a huge, through out reform.

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